Ajax Budokan

Judo Club

Creating champions for

60 years.

Martial arts at affordable prices

for all.

Welcome to the Ajax Budokan Judo Club

Welcome to the Ajax Budokan Judo Club.  Martial arts at an affordable price.   We are a registered "not-for-profit" corporation.  This is our 60th year of operation. Come and check out the dojo at the Ajax Community Centre. About Us

Train with discipline, treat your opponents with respect, win with humility, lose with grace; but if you do lose, get back to the dojo and train even harder and smarter. You don't have to like losing, but you do have to understand that losing is a part of learning. The winner only remembers the win, while the loser studies and analyzes the fight so as to do better next time.
Mark Lonsdale